COVID19 | The Children for Health Response

In all cases, Children for Health develops its health messages for children to learn and share with top experts using the latest science.

Covid 19 is a moving target.

At first, we did put some time into developing a set of messages but then we found we could not get the feedback from the numbers of experts that we needed. This is to be expected as the experts are fighting this pandemic on every front.

So instead we have looked for some good resources and these are the ones that we particularly like:

  1. This advice from WHO on helping children to cope with the stress of COVID19
  2. These WHO resources on healthy parenting – for parents of children in different age groups
  3. Relaxation exercises for children from Save the Children
  4. A book to explain Covid19 to young children (under 7). We would suggest that older children can sit with the younger ones to read it and explain it to the younger ones. It will be more fun. It’s available in 22 languages so far!

If you are worried or unclear, the WHO or your government websites are the best places to turn to. There is a LOT of misinformation circulating on social media, so aways check the facts with your trusted source and don’t discuss things you receive on social media with your children, without checking them first!

There are a lot of resources that you can find on this MEDBOX hub. Just to let you know that we have NOT gone through all these resources so finding useful stuff here is a suggestion not an endorsement.

Stay safe and well and mostly inside and wash your hands properly!

Best wishes from the Children for Health team.