Developing Children for Health Merchandise and Messages

Children for Health badges, ribbons and hats!

Children love to collect things and the 100 seeks to have (or suggest designs for) 100 collectible sets of ribbons, badges and hats with our logo and in different coloursĀ  and patterns for each of the 10 health topics. These would be awarded to children each time they learn a message and can show that they have taught it to someone else and that they have taken action!

100 Audio messages

We seek to use 10 well known voices of world leaders, footballers, athletes and actors to create 100 audio messages. In addition….in many countries where there are low levels of literacy the messages will need to be adapted, translated and turned into audio messages in the local languages and this will be built in to one of our pilot projects. We would then be able to share the lessons we learned from creating and rolling out audio messaging.

100 Animated spots

We have supporters who work in the animation industry and we are preparing to launch a competition to animate each of the 100 messages. Each animator would select one message and there will be high value prizes to give to the winning three. All those that meet our strict criteria for accuracy and communication will be available to those involved with The 100 to use or adapt.

Printable cards, posters and games

We would like to develop a set of cards sized like playing cards with the health message on the front and fun activities to do on the back and one for each message. We are seeking a sponsor to work with us on this and to develop some printable poster versions of the cards and low-cost topic-based board games.

Video Games

There are some amazing game developers wanting to use gaming to help people understand and solve the world’s most intractable problems. There will be many ways in which video gamers can contribute to mobilising children to help look at and solve problems that affect the health and well-being of their families and communities. We will be actively seeking partnerships to make this happen.