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Diabetes | What Can Children Do?

Our latest poster in our series is for Diabetes. It was developed with the participation of experts, educators, and children in Guam, and 1,500 copies of the poster have been printed and distributed to schools throughout the country. The poster is two-sided, side one has the 10 messages that children can learn and share about diabetes and the back has notes for educators and ideas of What Children Can Do to better understand and remember the messages.

Please click this link to download the two-sided poster for free.

  • MAKE our own Diabetes messages using our own words in our own language!
  • MEMORIZE the messages so we never forget them!
  • USE song, dance and drama to share Diabetes messages with others!
  • SHARE the messages with other children and our families!
  • MAKE posters about how to prevent Type 2 Diabetes.
  • MAKE up stories or plays about a family where their lifestyle changes reduced prediabetes.
  • CREATE stories or dramas to show children teaching others how to make the changes to eat better and move more and why this is important. Don’t forget it’s hard.
  • CREATE stories or drama about why people do get stuck in their habits and do not want to change.
  • TRACK what you and a friend eat and drink for a week. It’s fun to do this in pairs or groups or as a family.
  • MAKE A LIST of activities that you enjoy – like dancing, jumping, swimming. If you don’t like sports and exercise – just moving or ‘fidgeting’ more through the day makes a big difference and everyone can do that!
  • TALK to the person who decides what food and drink to buy and cook.
  • HAVE healthy sleep habits and try not to worry about things you can’t change.
  • ORGANIZE a campaign to warn others about the impact of Type 2 diabetes on a person and a family.
  • INVITE a health worker to visit your school and talk about the different types of diabetes.
  • LOOK at labels on food that is commonly bought in your family. CALCULATE how much sugar is in this food per serving.

We have a great collection of closing activites and games to help children better learn these messages too!