Dispelling Myths about Food and Nutrition

In Tim Spector’s new book, Spoonfed, Professor Tim Spector sets outs in a fascinating, highly digestible way what ALL of us need to know about nutrition. In almost every country in the work we are ‘fed‘ so many powerful stories about what to eat and why. There are many many fads and claims and very few have any kind of reasonable evidence behind them. Prof Spector however DOES know the science (and the lack of it) and the evidence that we have around nutrition and health is growing and growing thanks to folk like him, to technological advances in ways we can measure the impact of foods on people, and his team and thousands of volunteers involved in his work with ‘Join Zoe’. We are getting closer to understanding the unique nature of the way each person metabolises food (there is no average). There is no standardardised or ideal diet that will work for everyone so we need to get empowered and figure things out for ourselves using broad principals that he outlines in his book. (Links to Amazon are to their Smile Programme, please make us your chosen charity!)