Everyone Counts

Everyone-counts_07In the PCAAN programme in Mozambique which we help support, the team requested that we develop some storybooks that are directly linked to some of our early ‘results’. One of these is that fathers are buying plates for the family so that food can be more fairly shared out and the quantity that small children are eating can be more easily monitored.

Old friends of ours, Anise Waljee and David Gifford stepped forward to help with the story and the illustrations. Last month (May 2015), Clare Hanbury included the field testing of our first story – Everyone Counts!

We are developing 4 stories for this programme and they all feature the parrots ZuZu and ZaZa. In this one they are learning and teaching about dividing and the Mama, children and parrots conspire to make sure Papa buys the plates at the market but thinks it’s all his idea (and gets the credit from their neighbours!).

April 2018 update: Everyone Counts and a variety of other storybooks are now available for free from Children for Health.Everyone-counts_14