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Eye Health & Good Vision Messages 17

This message and lesson plan is from our Children’s Participation in Eye Health and the Promotion of Good Vision resource book for teachers and educators. Read more about the book and download it now!

Message 17

If an eye is hurt in an accident, cover the eye with something clean and
get help from a health worker fast.

Learning Objectives

  • Children will know and feel able to share the message on Seek Help for Injured Eyes.
  • Children can describe three or more dangers to eyes and why preventing injuries to the eyes is important.
  • Children can describe how to wash dust from an eye.
  • Children have reflected on the session.
  • Children have planned a question to ask about eye injuries.


  • Large pieces of poster papers and coloured pencils if possible (pencil and notebooks can also be used).
  • Write (or print) out the eight phrases.


  1. Introductory activities, e.g. an icebreaker, game or The Memory Line.
  2. Repeat the message in chorus. Add actions to this message to make it more memorable.
  3. In pairs or threes children practice the message and then the group repeats it.
  4. Explain that: Eyes can be injured by:
    • Smoke from cooking.
    • Sun, dust, and wind.
    • Chemicals from factories or liquids used to clean things around the house.
    • Chemicals in water used for washing (from factories or faming).
    • Human or animal waste (urine or faeces) that is in rivers or lakes.
    • Throwing sticks, stones or sharp objects.
    • Poisonous plants or insects.
    • Dust or flies in the face from riding a bike or motorbike.
    • Using eyedrops that belong to someone else.
  5. Divide the whole group into eight groups and give each of the groups one of eight phrases above to learn.
  6. Give each group a piece of paper (or use note books).
  7. Ask each child in each group to make drawings of their phrase.
  8. Ask the group to repeat their drawings on a large piece of paper.
  9. Ask the whole group to stand in a circle and display their drawings.
  10. Ask the whole group to repeat the eight phrases in turn.
  11. Conclude the session by asking the children what they would do if they injured their eyes or if they were with a friend who injured their eye. (Seek medical help.) Remind the children what they would need to do.

Reflection Circle

In a circle, the children say in turn what they learned and enjoyed about this session.

Closing Activity

Repeat the message and the children to share it with classmates, friends and family. Ask the Good Questions in their families:

Do you know anyone who injured their eye? What happened?

Extension Activities

How to remove dirt or an eyelash from the eye

If dust or dirt gets into an eye, have the person close their eyes and move their eyes around from side-to-side and up and down. Then, while you hold their eyelid open, have them look up and down again. This makes the eye produce tears that can wash out the dirt.

  • Another way of making tears is to gently rub the GOOD eye. This produces tears in both eyes. Do not rub the sore eye.
  • Or try to remove the bit of dirt or eyelash with unclean water. Use only clean, safe water, not any other liquid. Hold the eye open while rinsing with water from a cup or the child can open the eye and blink into a full cup of water or lie down and tilt their head back while you pour water so it runs from the inside (near the nose) to the outside of the eye (near the ear).
  • If you can see it, the bit of dirt can be gently removed with the corner of damp, clean cloth, tissue, or cotton swab.
  • When dirt is under the upper eyelid, you may only be able to see it by turning the upper eyelid over a cotton swab. Ask the person to look down while you do this.

If you cannot get the dirt out easily send them for medical help.

Follow-on Survey

  • Ask the children to do a survey of their home and community observing and listing potential hazards to the eyes, especially for young children.
  • Ask children to collect short stories of people who injured their eyes:

Zara had a little sister called Ayanna. One day Ayanna was playing in the kitchen. When no one was watching her, she took the top from a bottle of cleaning liquid and some of the liquid splashed onto her eye and she started screaming. Zara fetched her mother quickly and together they rinsed Ayanna’s eyes with fresh water for 20 minutes. Then Ayanna had a hug from mother and sister and she was playing again soon after.

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and the Promotion of Good Vision