Health Information For All (HIFA)

This post focuses on the first HIFA SMART Goal:

Mobile Healthcare Information For All

… and is taken from the Health Information For All campaign website. Children for Health is an active member in the HIFA working group. The role of this group is to convene, to promote discussion and debate, to assess progress and to advocate for change.

Thousands of lives could be saved every day if all mobile phones had basic healthcare knowledge, including and especially first aid, maternal, and child health information for citizens” (HIFA).

Older child with Mobile

The HIFA Working Group is leading the HIFA community in achieving Mobile Healthcare Information For all:

By 2015, at least one telecoms provider, in at least one country, will endorse the vision of Healthcare Information For All, and will provide free access to essential healthcare knowledge in the local language, pre loaded on all new mobile phones they may sell and freely downloadable to all those who already have a mobile phone.”

To date, the group has produced the following outputs:

The mHIFA Survey (2013-14)

mHIFA commissioned a survey of mHealth projects by Dr. Christine Hagar, an assistant professor at the San José State University (SJSU) School of Library and Information Science, and Heather Kartzinel, SJSU student. The survey revealed that of the 1,700 mHealth programs/projects scanned, there are very few [<1%] projects that actually empower citizens in low-income countries with information on their phones for them to consult as and when they need it, in acute healthcare situations.

We invite your comments and suggestions on what is currently being done already in relation to the mHIFA SMART Goal, and ideas on how we can accelerate progress. Please join the HIFA2015 forum and we shall collate your inputs.

The mHIFA Goal was originally proposed, and is led, by the HIFA Challenge Working Group for Citizens, Families and Children.