Help us Bridge our Funding Gap

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The global pandemic has put three projects on hold… led to the cancellation of a fundraising event… and saw the withdrawal of a promising grant and some investment opportunities…

We know that Children for Health is doing something useful. We would be the first to acknowledge when our work is done and shut up shop… but every week we are persuaded to keep going by the many e-mails, messages and contacts via social media. Some of these are messages from people to tell us how they are using our approach, our health education content and activities in their programmes. In March 2020 there were 4,429 downloads of our materials in 144 countries!

Here in the UK, we are still in the middle of this pandemic and we do not see the end of it clearly.

Despite this we are forging new partnerships and figuring out how to deliver training and mentoring online.

We are a a small organisation operating from my house – so there is no rent to pay and our office outgoings are small.

What we need right now, is the support of 100 people who are able to give us a small donation each month. With this we will be able to keep going until our partnerships pick up again. We have reached almost half of this target and now we need your help…

Will you be one of them? One of our 100 supporters?

Please help us bridge our funding gap.

If you cannot help but have ideas about organisations or foundations who might be able to – please let us know.

Founder and CEO
Children for Health