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Homerton May Ball! June 12th

We were so delighted to be nominated and then chosen as the Charity of the Year by Homerton May Ball. Homerton is one of the colleges at the University of Cambridge. I trained to be a teacher there 1979-83. It was a fantastic course and a great experience. I’m still in touch with many friends I made there.

Homerton featured the work of Children for Health in their 2018 annual review.

‘May Balls’ are huge parties organised by students which usually take place in JUNE. They take a year to organise and they are to celebrate the end of the year for students, read more here!

Covid-19 came along and this wonderful event which was to take place TODAY has been cancelled. Those looking forward to this event may have a heavy heart today, as we do. Covid not only led to the cancellation of this event but the postponement of many of our projects and the withdrawal of several grant opportunities.


Lockdown has NOT meant that our work stopped! It has meant that we have had more space than expected to reflect and prioritise, to support people in our community and forge exciting new partnerships. I expect we will look back at this time and be pleased with the chance we have had to reset.

However, our short term financial situation is not good.

The best thing that anyone can do to help right now is to be one of those that helps to bridge our funding gap. We are building a community of 100 people or organisations who are able to make a donation every month (however small). We KNOW that with 100 supporters we will make it. Would you join us and become one of our community of 100?

Would you help us bridge our funding gap?

If you cannot donate now but you’d like to keep in touch with our work, join our community!

Thank you!