How Children for Health is like a Papaya

Find out How Children for Health is like a Papaya!

For a start Children for Health is focused on the development of health programmes in continents and countries where the papaya grows easily!

Children for Health’s messages are like the seeds for a robust and comprehensive health education programme. Anyone can take these seeds and grow their own programmes in any way they want.

Children for Health’s activities are the ‘flesh’, the nourishment for the health education programmes. Those that use the messages and activities will be in part responsible for creating the all important ‘flesh’. In some programmes Children for Health has a close involvement in this process, in others it has none at all.

The skin is the holding together off the Children for Health messages and activities. We welcome those who adapt out programmes but we want the messages to be accurate and the activities to be nourishing and energising.

Papaya is healthy and delicious!

How else do you think Children for Health is like a papaya?