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Join us! Join the Children for Health 100 Support Team!

Clare with her friend and mentor Hugh Hawes on 2013 at the launch of Children for Health.

I had all sorts of fancy ideas for this appeal and examined carefully many of the mechanisms that professional fundraising departments in the bigger charities do so well. But, I was stopped in my tracks by the feedback from those who already support us. It’s not about ‘marketing’ it’s about reaching out to those who already believe in what I’m doing.

This work is greatly needed, it’s all I want to do, and I believe that doing this work though Children for Health is the best way forward.

In 2019, we accomplished many important things:

  • Twenty-one new child health publications that can be downloaded free from our website.
  • Planning four new partnerships and projects with child health programmes that will take place in 2020. Testing and documenting our content and approaches (in Mozambique, Pakistan, Uganda).
  • An academic partnership that will help us build more evidence.

The year has seen us advise colleagues at The World Health Organisation in Geneva, Save the Children and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

children help us create and review our storybooks

What has changed in this, our 6th year, is that organisations and institutions are coming to us requesting to set up partnerships. This was always the ambition and it’s working.

So, we have become a strong, solid and visible presence to anyone wanting:

  1. High quality child-centred, free health education materials; and
  2. Expertise in building a practical approach to child participation in health into their programmes.

However, we still need your help. Despite all our productivity, lots of my time this year has been spent on looking for funding. This is time that would be much better spent on developing materials, implementing projects and developing partnerships. The costs of running this charity are low; we have NO office costs as the charity is run from my house.

Can you help? 

Children for Health began when my friends and family answered a call in 2012 to help me set up the charity with just 4 hours’ notice! I’d found a seed funder whose condition was that we set up the charity that day. Our headline project was to develop 100 health messages for children to learn and share.

We did it! We made it! Those messages are on posters, online, translated into 19 languages, in storybooks, being embedded into teaching and training curricula etc. and the idea is spreading.

12 of our 19 ‘100 messages’ booklets

Six years on we have affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of children through our materials and partnerships. Just look at the website for more details on who we are reaching and how. Our posters and storybooks and guides are being downloaded around 1,500 times every month and, over the last 12 months, by people in 158 countries. We have won two awards for our work.

We want to carry on.

We are seeking to build a 100-strong Children for Health Support Team;
we have made a start and we need more members. 

I am certain that, with 100, committed supporters, Children for Health will thrive and become stronger and shine brighter. Regular donations are especially great because:

  1. They give us predictable income, enabling us to plan; and
  2. It is highly, highly motivating to get notifications every month from our regular supporters. It’s honestly like a monthly hug and a cheer!

We have several regular donors already – giving us between £5 and £25/month. Here’s why…

“I give to you because it’s you! And because 1) You work through young people, 2) You constructively exploit the worldwide fascination with communications gadgetry, 3) as the developed world grows ever richer it is more and more important to give to those who have less.” Simon

“I give because CFH is protecting a group that so often have little control over their lives – children. Children need support, love and good health. In countries where this is already an issue, they need even more help. I also give because the charity is headed by someone who is committed and has been ever since I have known her to make the world a better place for children. It means I know whatever I give will be used for what it was meant for.” David 

Any regular donation means you would join our 100 Support Team.


Click below to donate through to our trusted Charity Checkout platform. If you are a UK taxpayer, the platform will help organise Gift Aid and this gets us 25% more on every donation. The default you will find is for a monthly donation, but you can use the menu items to do a one-off donation instead.

If you cannot give, and I know we are all overwhelmed by requests for support, then introduce us to others who might be able to help in some way and…

Please consider joining our community instead to keep up with our news and/or sharing this appeal with others who may be able to help us reach our goal – a Children for Health 100 Support Team.

Thank you! 

CEO, Children for Health

Our Vision, click to see full size, or download your own copy!