Impact of Our Work in Diarrhoea Prevention and Control

Many regular readers of our blog will know that we are involved in the Save the Children Signature Programmes in Nigeria and India that focus on setting up Children’s Health Clubs and get children engaging with activities focussed on Diarrhoea Prevention and Control.


  • Between March 2015 and November 2016, Children for Health conducted four teacher training workshops resulting in the training of 96 teachers and 48 headteachers all from 48 schools in Somulu, Lagos.
  • In addition, during this time, Children for Health developed the capacity of several members of the Save the Children team.
  • During this time, Children for Health created a set of materials for the programme that included: A Master Trainers Guide, A Teacher’s Guide, An Activities for Children Guide, A Monitoring and Evaluation Guide, A storybook – Bayo’s Journey to Save Lola, and A Bookmark linked to the story.
  • So far three of the four cohorts of schools have started the programme and 1,410  have been reached directly as School Health Club members, 551 of these are boys and 859 girls.
  • A further 13,502 children have been reached by these leaders (7698 boys and 5804 girls). We do not have figures yet for the numbers of family members reached but it is safe to assume that it will be at least three per child or 40,506 people and this is before the fourth cohort of schools started the programme.
  • Another wonderful result is that Lagos State have endorsed this programme and approach, and discussions are underway to secure funding for the programme to be scaled up later on this year or next year.


  • In November 2016 Children for Health trains 30 Child Health and Hygiene Club (CHHC) Master Trainers in Child Participatory Approaches to Diarrhoea Prevention and Control. These are Save the Children trainers and others.
  • In July 2017 Children for Health completes three books for the Indian Programme on Participatory Learning for Diarrhoea Prevention and Control (A Master Training Guide, A Teachers Guide and an Activities for Children Guide).
  • Between November and March 2017, several training workshops take place where the Master Trainers train other teachers in their areas (no data on these as yet).
  • In April 2017 a refresher Master Training was conducted with 28 Master trainers from the Save the Children project team.
  • In the past 12 months, these Master Trainers conducted 11 trainings with teachers in all project locations, training a total number of 94 teachers in the process.
  • The teachers with the support of our core staff members conducted 112 training workshops in 100 Child Health and Hygiene Clubs in all project locations plus 12 out-of-school Child Health and hygiene clubs in Delhi.
  • In total, the teachers reached 1,412 children in Participatory Learning for Diarrhoea Prevention and Control (714 boys and 698 girls)
  • These children, as peer educators, reached 8,300 children from the 100 schools. These 8,300 children reach out to approximately 32,500 family members.

In Summary

From one small home office just outside Cambridge, UK. In just ONE of our partnerships we seem to be having an impact on the lives of 21,802 children and on  73,000 people in their local communities. More importantly, we seem to be contributing to the development of an approach to health education being considered at government level.