Launch of the Eye Health and Vision Poster

We are absolutely delighted to be launching the Eye Health and VisionPoster.

This is the next in our series of Children for Health posters.

The development of the two-sided poster was supported by Peek Vision. Their experts helped us to design and review twenty eye health and vision messages. These twenty messages are set out on the back of the poster with ideas for activities that children can do to learn and share the messages to their friends. The ‘top ten’ messages are shown on the front. The images on the poster show different things children can do to promote good eye health and vision.

Perhaps the most import thing that children can do is help to support other children who need to wear their spectacles in order to get the most out of each day. Very often it is the attitudes of friends and even family that lead to children choosing not to wear their spectacles. Educators can do small things to create enabling and supportive ‘eye aware’ classrooms and this will go some way to promote health and support children.

Click on the poster to download our free PDF

Ten Eye Health Messages For Children to Learn and Share