Launch of The Four Friends! Our New Storybook

We are very pleased to launch our new storybook, The Four Friends. This is a little different from our other more topic-focused books.

In this one we have created a story that is about children’s participation in health education and health promotion more broadly. We have collaborated with others, but as potential readers and educators rather than co-creators. As well as the story, there are lots of suggested activities for educators and older children at the back. It aims to be a rich treasure trove of ideas and activities and a resources an educator could use throughout the school year.

So what is it about?

Esme wants to grow up to be a doctor, but how can she when there is no secondary school nearby? When she and her friends hear that a new secondary school is going to be built nearby, the children are excited. What will the new school be like? Will it be all that they hope for? Follow Esme and her friends as they learn about how the new school can help them become the people they want to be, and how they can learn vital health messages that they can take home to help keep their families and community safe.

Click here to download our free storybook!
Cover of the Four Friends book with title and head portraits of the four children.