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Let’s Dance!

From the desk of Clare Hanbury…

At every event and workshop I participate in in Africa, there is dancing and usually singing too. I’m always struck how good people are at moving and singing together and how rare it is that we do it in the UK and how stiff and diminished events are as a result.

I love the work of Shane Parrish who runs a website and network called, ‘Farnham Street’ bringing people together.

In this post he discusses the science, merits and benefits of ‘muscular bonding’ and dance as a powerful ‘muscle bonding’ tool.

Whether you’re able to attend a concert or club, or simply have a dance party in your living room with your kids or over video chat with loved ones you can’t be near, when we move together we have an experience that deepens our connection to one another and gives us the openings for unity and cooperation.

Read the full article here!

I also recommend following the wonderful, Ugandan Masaka Kids Africana and watching their joyous dance videos!