A Lifeskills Handbook for Health Educators

In the month of August we are focusing on life skills education and its link to health education.

Boys in South Africa completing a Life Skills session using the Lifeskills Handbook

If you are an educator or youth worker who is looking to do effective health education, you may also be interested in doing some life skills work with children and young people.

Are you looking for high quality, practical life skills activities that really work? There are life skills materials in our Lifeskills Handbooks that you can take, adapt and develop in your own programme.

Hundreds of people have downloaded and LOVE the simple, practical Lifeskills E-Handbook packed with ideas that are easy and fun to use.

Click here to apply for a free copy or purchase the Lifeskills Handbook.

The Life Skills E-Handbook (in digital format only) provides advice and active learning activities for teaching life skills to young people. It supports and guides all people who plan, manage, teach or work on formal and non-formal education programmes. It can be adapted and used in different cultural contexts worldwide.

The Life Skills E-Handbook can be used with children and young people aged 8-16.  Many people adapt the activities to use with adult groups too.

Below you will find samples of three of our Life Skills Activity Sessions:


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