Lockdown Week of 20-26th April, 2020

Dear Friends,

It was lovely to hear from some of you last week – from India, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and the UK.

I heard something about our so-called ‘shared experience’ which rings so true and, I find, a good mental model:

‘While we are all in the same storm, we are in very different boats.’

I know that I have a very sturdy boat. Access to good food, a nice house and garden and the weather in the UK has been incredible. I cannot remember a previous March/April with such gorgeous sunshine and warmth day after day. This has of course added to the frustration of many who do not have access to outside space.

I love to hear how you are doing, so please continue to send your stories.

So last week in brief…

  • Regarding Covid, I am on the hunt for stories about things that children are doing for other children. If you know of a good one, send it in please!
  • I was amazed yesterday to hear the podcast, This American Life include a feature on ‘The Phone in the Wind’. We published a story about this on our website – TODAY! I’ve included a link to the podcast too. It’s amazing.
  • We are working with Worldreader to co-create a new storybook with field partners in Nigeria and Ghana. Liz Gifford is our author and we have been working together to come up with a plot that embraces the theme of ‘girls in sport’ while also being a good story. Worldreader has launched a ‘Keep Children Reading’ Campaign and have thousands of free books on their platform, including ours!
  • I have had fun building a Memory Palace for our ten topics. This will become a structure for the overall 100 messages Memory Palace. This coming week I will publish a post on how I am getting on and send you the picture of a structure I have built using memory palace software. I’m also working out other ways using paper and storytelling to achieve similar results. What I can report however is that by using a (very) silly story and a clever structure I can now (and hopefully forever) tell you our ten topics in order and in reverse order and in their correct calendar positions.
  • I’m working with a team on a detailed plan and budget for the national level health and nutrition education programme in Mozambique. It’s extremely exciting to be at this stage.
  • I seem to be sent lots of organisations’ surveys at the moment: the UK charity sector want to know how Covid has affected us; Child to Child is wanting to document its history; and the USAID’s Advancing Nutrition Programme wants to know organisations’ progress in adolescent nutrition. They take a surprisingly long time to do!
  • Our partnership with the University of Loughborough has made progress over the past two weeks as we start to design content for the, ‘Cards for Health’ programme in Mexico.
  • I’ve been reading, The Stoic Challenge by William Irvine and finding lots of ideas in there that help to cope with this present global ‘setback’ as he would ask us to frame it. If you are interested, Google his name. You can catch him talking about this topic on a couple of great podcasts.

Keep, safe! Thinking of you all. Write to me!