Making Every School a Health Promoting School

WHO and UNESCO have launched a new initiative “Making Every School a Health Promoting School” through the development and promotion of Global Standards for Health Promoting Schools. The initiative will serve over 2.3 billion school-age children and contribute to WHO’s 13th General Programme of Work target of achieving “1 billion lives made healthier” by 2023.

Globally, over 90% of children in the primary school age, and over 80% of children in the lower secondary school age are enrolled in school, where they spend one-third of their time. Schools are a unique setting for creating health and cover an important time period for establishing healthy behaviors. However, challenges remain: global mortality and morbidity estimates suggest that school-age children significantly lack health promotion, prevention, and health care services.

Health Promoting Schools have been recognized as a strategic vehicle to promote positive development and health. The development of Global Standards for Health Promoting Schools will serve a common framework for both the health and education sectors to accelerate global progress and implement Health Promoting Schools in countries.

Download 4 publications launched today on 22nd June 2021.

Here is the image of one of the guides that focus on implementation.