Musical Fun Time 6!

Here is the 6th post in the series of 6 posts on ways that older children can use music to play with and care for younger siblings or friends.

Walking together with your baby or young child to this lively song helps to develop large motor (physical) skills and is a wonderful way to explore the immediate environment together. Try this song, moving together to allow your baby to feel the musical beat through movement. When you end the song, stay still and quiet for a moment before asking “what can you see?”

Even if your baby does not vocalise, it is your lovely voice that matters! Lots of eye contact will help to share a special moment such as hearing a bird sing, or pointing to a tree, animal or person. Walking through the park can be ‘walking to the seaside’ or ‘walking to the hills’ – anything goes!

Emma has currated a playlist on Spotify with more great songs for children.

With thanks, once again, to our friend Emma for her great suggestions, and for allowing Children for Health to use the magical illustrations by Charlotte Cleveland on our blog. Emma Hutchinson is an Early Childhood Music Specialist; find out more about her work here or buy her books of musical activities and songs here.

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