Musical Fun Time With Babies and Young Children Part 1

baby shoutingHere is the 1st post in the series of 5 posts on ways that older children can use music to play with and care for younger siblings or friends…

Look at the baby! Listen to baby! See how baby moves and listen to the sounds she makes! Is she a singer? Can she make music? How is this possible!

Our friend Emma is an expert in understanding music in babies and young children. When baby was growing inside he heard lots of sounds, songs and music too. What Emma likes to do is bring it out more and show all the people that are caring for baby how to bring out this musical joy. This makes them happy. It makes mothers, brothers and sisters enjoy baby even more!

With thanks to our friend Emma for her great suggestions, and for allowing Children for Health to use the magical illustrations by Charlotte Cleveland on our blog. Emma Hutchinson is an Early Childhood Music Specialist. Find out more about her work here. Buy her books of musical activities and songs here.

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