Musical Fun Time With Babies and Young Children Part 3

-2When you and your friends are with the babies and young children think of the songs you love to sing. With your friends make them even lovelier. Mix up the notes! Make the sounds a little higher and softer. Wiggle the notes! Hold your baby and swing her gently to soft singing. Babies want to feel safe. Gentle play with them makes them feel happy and safe.

Maybe you are all walking somewhere, with babes strapped safely in a harness or your arms. Repeat a little humming tune up and down, over and over again. “mmmmmm, mmmmm, mm mm mmmmmmm” as you walk. Notice how your legs move, the rhythm, the up and down of your knees, copy this with your special hum. Baby will hear your voice, and feels the hum through his body. You too, will feel better too, relaxed, and steady, as baby is happy, and you walk.

With thanks to our friend Emma for her great suggestions, and for allowing Children for Health to use the magical illustrations by Charlotte Cleveland on our blog. Emma Hutchinson is an Early Childhood Music Specialist. Find out more about her work here. Buy her books of musical activities and songs here.

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