Musical Fun Time With Babies and Young Children Part 4

Singing to Soothe Baby

6-7 african baby rock

Use gentle rocking movements and with just two notes (think of an ambulance “neeee noooooorrrrr” sound). Sing “baby, baby, I love you” or “sleepy baby, moon’s up high”. Even if the words mean nothing to your baby, your soft tune will calm little one.

Singing to help babies sit up and think! 1. baby boogie copy

Did you know that our brains grew faster when we were babies, more than at ANY OTHER TIME! This might seem strange as babies can’t talk or move on their own. But it is true and it is really important for babies to hear and see new things all the time, and to feel as calm and as safe as possible. When baby is happy with you this can help baby for the rest of it’s life!

When you have baby with you, add a little skipping rhythm to help you with tidying, cleaning, working, waiting for a bus, bathing. Humming a skipping tune will help you get your work done, and keep your baby happy too!

Sing a favourite song whilst looking at your baby with big happy eyes. Eye contact is very important! Make silly faces too, and watch your baby copy your expressions.

Here is the 4th post in the series of 5 posts on ways that older children can use music to play with and care for younger siblings or friends.

With thanks to our friend Emma for her great suggestions, and for allowing Children for Health to use the magical illustrations by Charlotte Cleveland on our blog. Emma Hutchinson is an Early Childhood Music Specialist. Find out more about her work here. Buy her books of musical activities and songs here.

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