NEW Diarrhoea Prevention & Control Poster

We are delighted to publish our new Diarrhoea prevention and control poster – this is one of our key 10 topics.

There is growing evidence that children are dying unnecessarily due to failure of parents or health workers to provide basic rehydration for children with acute diarrhoea. For example, a recent DHS survey in India found that 6 in 10 parents believed they should withhold fluids if their child develops diarrhoea.

The understanding of what happens to the body when it loses water is the key message on our poster.

We illustrate the ‘bottle doll’ experiment linked to message 3. Children learn how the water content in a body must be kept level (at around 80%) and when the body loses lots of water due to diarrhoea (represented by liquid coming out of the bottom of the bottle), it needs to be replaced. This simple experiment can be taught in minutes. It is very memorable and children laugh as they see the water/poo streaming out of the body!

Dehydration is no laughing matter but making child health education fun and interesting is important and empowering. Children involved in this experiment will share it with others and tell their families and their communities about it.

Download the two-sided Diarrhoea Prevention & Control poster FREE now and share the link with your networks!

It is best if both sides of the poster are printed out on A3 for sharing with children.

Children can learn and share the ten messages. When they share them with others, reward them with a ‘collectible’ like a ribbon or a piece of fabric to tie onto a stick.

This is the FIRST of two posters we are developing on Diarrhoea. Join our community to keep up-to-date with all our publications and our projects.