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NEW! Storybook about HIV Launch

We are delighted to announce the publication of our latest FREE storybook, The Girl Who Was Pushed Outside.

A child looks over from her desk to four people bunched up at desk instead of sharing hers.

It is the story of a girl who is going through the shock of an HIV diagnosis and the response of her classmates. It addresses the problems of stigma, ignorance, false beliefs, and non-compliance with treatment and what we all can do to support families who might be suffering.

It is aimed at children aged 9-14 and is for children of this age to read to younger children. In the back of the storybook there is an activity section with lots of questions and activities for teachers and older children to use.

A huge THANK YOU to the teachers and children of Enkhaba Primary School in Eswatini who have worked with us on:

  • Reviewing 10 key messages for children to learn and share on HIV & AIDS
  • Participated in workshops to generate story ideas
  • Reviewed the story and the artwork before it was finalised.

It seemed that they enjoyed the process too! Here are a few words from the teachers and the children.

We had a great time working with you and we also benefitted a lot, especially our learners. They gained a clear insight of HIV/AIDS because most of them knew the myths as facts.

It was all an amazing and insightful journey. A learning curve as well on HIV, especially the learners. The facts and misconceptions or myths were highlighted and we all have benefitted.

Here is a photo of the children during the workshop to review myths and misconceptions, the 10 messages, and to create story ideas!

Being part of the HIV programme made me realise many things about HIV. I learned to never run away from an HIV positive person. HIV cannot spread by playing, do not get in contact with anyone else’s blood and I also got to know that we should respect people living with HIV as we respect those that do not have it. It was fun because we played with teachers, and we also had some delicious food.

Being a part of this programme I got to know that you should not judge a person when he/she is HIV positive. I got knowledge about how HIV is spread and how to prevent HIV from spreading. While doing this programme we played a lot of games, and we made people feel good about expressing their feelings.

Being part of the programme made me realise that it is not good to avoid an HIV positive person and judge them for things that they did not do. I also got to know that HIV cannot be spread by playing with an HIV positive person and touching him/her. We also had a lot of fun because we ate food and played a lot of exciting games while doing the programme.

In addition to this wonderful storybook, we have a very useful poster available for free here:

Front of HIV & AIDS poster, has all 10 messages about this topic illustrated.

Join our community to keep up-to-date with all our publications and our projects. Please contact us, we would LOVE to know what you think of our posters and storybooks and how you are using them!

A group of teachers wave to the camera with two Children for Health posters visible on a flip chart next to them.
Here is a photo of the teachers giving a final thumbs up to the 10 key messages on our HIV and AIDS poster.