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Many of us working in this sector have a BIG WHY in their lives… a reason why we began all this work. During these strange and difficult times when its felt really hard to carry on at times – I have been reminded to go back to my origin story.
I’ve been waiting for this assessment from a high level source and here it is, from the Global Fund. Aside from the direct toll of COVID-19, which could be catastrophic in the most vulnerable countries, estimates suggest deaths from HIV, TB and malaria could as much as double if systems for
We found a great PDF article from the International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health (ISSOP) setting out the impact that COVID-19 is having on children globally. It references the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and details how our responses to the new difficulties can
There is something we like about the specific nature of these guidelines from WHO on Adolescent Nutrition. An extremely distilled 6-point summary is set out below: Reduced intake of ‘free sugars’ (glucose, sucrose, maltose, corn syrup honey, invert sugar, hydrolysed starch and fructose) Increasing potassium intake (e.g. beet greens, sweet potato,
Click image to see full size We just came across this study on Teacher Competencies in Health Education (2015) which we find very interesting and, as usual, we want to repurpose, simplify, make it into a list and then a game! The aim of this research study was to identify
Dear Friends, This has been a week where I feel our little community is expanding. Our volunteer, Camila has got going with our, Getting Us Connected Project. We are taking a country-by-country approach starting with Kenya; only because this is the country where I started my career! I was a
This message and lesson plan is from our Children’s Participation in Eye Health and the Promotion of Good Vision resource book for teachers and educators. Read more about the book and download it now! Message Five Vitamin A pills can be given to young children once or twice a year
Children for Health worked with the Save the Children team in Lagos, Nigeria for several years on their ‘Stop Diarrhoea Initiative’. We conducted for training events for teachers and local officials and developed a suite of materials focussing on children as agents of change and diarrhoea prevention. We were very
It was an absolute pleasure this week to get to know two incredible people.Kelvin Nsekwila, a primary school teacher in Zambia who also runs a community-based organisation whereby volunteers teach out-of-school children; andImani Tonda, a medical doctor running a big health and education operation in Tanzania.Both have come forward to
From the desk of Clare Hanbury… In recent weeks, I’ve been wondering if there is anything my voice can add to the many great, great opinion pieces and efforts linked to the Black Lives Matter campaign… The wonderful Judith Morgan and Nicola Caincross debate – Using Your Platform and the