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Recently, we learned of a program in Nigeria where children are learning: Road safety; The green cross code; and CPR. Even with over 30 years of experience in promoting ‘what children can do’ in health – I felt that teaching them CPR was a bit of a stretch. But why
Our Diabetes Poster has is getting some media attention! We’re so pleased we can help children in Guam make healthy choices. Luckie Sakamoto, president of Rotary Club of Guam Sunrise, secured a district grant, which was used to simplify diabetes prevention into 10 key messages with animated drawings on a

13 September 2021

Children as Caregivers

Do download this article on children as caregivers… Caregiving is usually associated with adults’ responsibilities. Official statistics and research have demonstrated, however, that many children and young people in the global North and South have substantial, regular caring responsibilities for family members with chronic illnesses, impairments or other care needs.
In a recent blog post we wrote about the launch of the WHO Health-promoting schools initiative and publications and about our long experience in working on the idea of Health Promoting Schools. I’ve been involved in this movement since the 1990s when I worked with Child to Child and I
Alderney | August 17th, 2021 Dear Friends It’s been a couple of months since my last newsletter! I’ve been back to the UK to see family and friends and then back to the island on much reduced work hours for August. It’s been an exhausting 18 months since the first
Anyone in any doubt about the resourcefulness, competence and tenacity of young adolescents – this is for you!Be reminded of these great athletes and their recent successes and remember there were very many more who did not get the medals, but were sufficiently brilliant to compete at the Tokyo Olympics.Yes,
It’s really great to read of this new program – Coach – a new initiative from the World Bank focused on helping countries accelerate learning by improving in-service teacher professional development. Using coaching techniques with children is at the heart of the Children for Health methodology and nothing will help the implementation
We are absolutely delighted to be launching a new Children for Health (CfH) poster on the topic of Diabetes. It is two sided and in full colour. Click the image below to download it for free. This is the next poster in our collection of Children for Health posters. The

16 August 2021

10 Messages on Diabetes

These messages were developed over many months with imput from experts, teachers and doctors. We developed a great poster for people to display in schools, medical facsilities and anywhere children are. If you’re unable to download the poster, please read on for the 10 messages. Our body breaks down what
We are very pleased that the Peace Corps in Ghana has asked to repurpose the art work and messages from our Malaria poster and create a calendar for 2022. Here is what they said about it… The malaria calendar is intended to serve as a Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) tool.