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This (longer than usual) post give our readers some background to our programme in Mozambique – there is a short discussion at the bottom of the post. Background The Children’s Participation, Learning and Action for Nutrition (PCAAN) programme in Tete Province, Mozambique was implemented with our involvement between 2014 and 2016.
Photo Credit: HealthPhone Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve see a global surge in sharing distance learning resources. For example, here is one from UNESCO and another from HundrED. We liked this article from Karen Mundy and Susannah Hares, highlighting that marginalised children (especially girls) could be left behind their
In Tim Spector’s new book, Spoonfed, Professor Tim Spector sets outs in a fascinating, highly digestible way what ALL of us need to know about nutrition. In almost every country in the work we are ‘fed‘ so many powerful stories about what to eat and why. There are many many
Alderney | March 1st |  2021 Dear Friends Still in Lockdown, six weeks on but the island has been Covid free from its ONE case for four weeks! Perhaps a little over-cautious, but we know they are trying to keep us safe. The sun has come out, but the winds
Recently I have had a couple of meetings with the CEO of Pikin to Pikin (Child to Child) in Sierra Leone whose values and activities are closely along to our own. After they reviewed some of our resources such as our Action for Diarrhoea Prevention poster and our storybook ‘Unlocked’ (a story about children

16 February 2021

Everyone Counts Read Along

We have released a new video: Everyone Counts! Watch and read along from your own copy of the book (free here). We also have this book available in Portuguese. A big thanks to a volunteer videographer, Ryan in South Africa for doing this for us during his lockdown. It been
Alderney | Feb 15th | 2021 Dear Friends News from the sparkling isle… I’VE HAD WRITERS BLOCK! Guernsey went into lockdown over two weeks ago now, we have ONE case who is now recovering fine and life on the island feels a bit different. The sea and the winds are
We drafted 28 Coronavirus messages in September 2020. We like our messages to be really short so that children can memorise them easily and share them too. It can be fun for children to ‘collect messages’ memorising one a day until they have a full set – rather like a
Alderney | January 20th, 2020 Dear Friends, Well, I said I’d be back on 4th Jan and here I am – back a lot later than that! I don’t know about you, but everyone in my network (including me) has needed a little longer to get going this year. We

19 January 2021


Important and enjoyable reading or listening for ANYONE even vaguely interested in nutrition and their own health and well-being (that’s all of us – right?)… Professor Tim Spector’s book ‘Spoon-Fed’ and/or the excellent podcast episode with Prof Spector and Dr Rangan Chatterjee. Early 2021 will see me go through all