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We were very interested in this fascinating piece of work led by Jay J. Van Bavel. Summary The COVID-19 pandemic represents a massive global health crisis. Because the crisis requires large-scale behaviour change and places significant psychological burdens on individuals, insights from the social and behavioural sciences can be used
We are delighted that as part of the Stop Diarrhoea! education programme in India, Save the Children India have developed these comic books. Read the Comic Book in English Read the Comic Book in Hindi The programme has also developed nine videos on Diarhoea Prevention and Control Here are links to three
Dear Friends, How is the ‘new normal’ for you? How are you easing out of lockdown? All fine here and both the children have commented to me this week how fast the time seems to be slipping by. COVID! It’s been great this week to add a little more to
This online course on school health and from Unite for Sight may be of interest to our network. The five modules that especially caught our eye include: Delivering Medical Intervention at School in the Developing World Teacher Perspectives on Health Needs Including Mental Health Needs Training Teachers to Deliver Health
We were really interested to read this study. Here are some extracts from the article and with some comments that we have below. School programmes encouraging children to take more exercise and eat healthily are unlikely to have any real effect on childhood obesity, a study in the British Medical
Dear Friends, Wow! 6 weeks in lockdown. The time has gone quickly. I find this strange! How about you? I love to hear how you are doing, so please continue to send your stories. I’m a little worried about my 19-year-old daughter who is living alone in London, but she
Sanitary Products for Menstruation
These messages are designed as a basic minimum level of knowledge for girls and boys aged 10-14. The messages are designed to link to other messages on Sexual and Reproductive Health. Menstruation is a normal and healthy process that affects all women. It is bleeding through the vagina each month
Dear Friends, It was lovely to hear from some of you last week – from India, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and the UK. I heard something about our so-called ‘shared experience’ which rings so true and, I find, a good mental model: ‘While we are all in the same storm,
We just love this simple idea… In Japan there is a phone box that lets people communicate with the dead and is for those dealing with grief following the loss of loved ones in the 2011 Tsunami. The glass-paned box contains a simple, disconnected rotary phone for those dealing with

April 24, 2020

World Malaria Day 2020!

Every April we highlight Malaria as our topic of the month because on April 25th the whole world observes World Malaria Day. We take this day to celebrate how far we’ve come in preventing and treating this disease and to talk about how far we still have to go. For