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Diverse foods in Cambodia From the desk of Clare Hanbury… In December 2018, I was asked to go to Kampong Cham in Cambodia to help with Save the Children’s Adolescent Nutrition programme and to conduct a four-day workshop training for Save the Children staff, frontline workers and local government officials.
Clare Hanbury I want people to ‘BE happy’. I want people to ‘HAVE well-being.’ I’m sure you do too! I am a health educator and I love finding practical ways in which children themselves can develop their skills to help protect and promote all aspects of their ‘health’. I have
Save the Children India have just released a report on its Stop Diarrhoea Programme in which Children of Health played a part. We are delighted to see that by the end of the third year of this project the programme had reached 122,640 children! As the programme is designed to mobilise
The disastrous floods in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe has brought to mind the SODIS method of treating small amounts of water for consumption at the family level. This is an activity that children can quickly learn and do and something practical they can do to help prevent sickness and even
This Sunday, 24 March is World TB Day. It marks the date when the bacteria that causes tuberculosis was discovered by a German doctor back in 1882. This year there has been a long overdue focus on the impact of TB on children. It has been a neglected issue, and
A note of introduction In recent months, I (Clare) have been very pleased to be working with Sarah Newton, a close associate, on a new approach for adolescent behaviour development. We think this approach will help those who are wanting to empower and engage children and young people in order
In the month of February, we focused on Coughs and Colds and other serious illnesses such as Pneumonia. This February (2019) we are taking a look at Pneumonia and what children can do. Pneumonia is a terrible killer of children. On World Pneumonia day, Save the Children predicted that 11
In January we focus on the vital topic of caring for babies and young children. In this post you can view Our 10 messages for children to learn and share about caring for babies and young children and you can read about activities that we know work well with older
Dear Friends of Children for Health, The first thing I do when putting together our Annual Round-up is to look at last year’s round-up and to reflect on what’s been done and assess how the character of our organisation has changed. Children for Health is now five years old and
This opinion piece reflects upon how children and adolescents contribute towards their health, despite there being a general lack of acknowledgment, let alone engagement with young people. A Strategic Review of Child Health, published this year by the BMJ illustrates this gap. The question remains: why are adolescents and children’s