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Please find attached our Children for Health Final Report and Accounts 2018. Our next Annual Report for the year ending 2019 will be published in March 2020. Our Annual Reports contain a summary of our activities and impact and a financial statement.
Dear Friends of Children for Health, I warn people that I’m always a bit tired and grumpy in July. It’s an, ‘end-of-the-academic-year’ thing. An ‘I-need-to-go-on-holiday’ thing! This is especially true this July as my oldest child was taking her end of school exams. We call them ‘A levels’ in the UK
Have look at this post where a young person Tanisea Campbell tests out the UNICEF platform Internet of Good Things – a set of free, mobile-ready web-based resources and applications that bring good to life and education to children with no internet access. Firstly, thank the God for Internet of Good Things! What is the
We have just come across this Save the Children two-part toolkit which we think could be of interest to our readers: A toolkit for youth advocates, designed by youth advocates. Today there are over 1.2 billion adolescents aged 10-19 in the world. Nearly a quarter of the people in Sub-Saharan Africa are aged
Just re-discovered this great article by Mathew Jukes who has given his permission to post it here. I have done a very small experiment in Mozambique re: text messaging to support teachers who were implementing our Nutrition Education Programme. They loved it but there was not the funding to expand
Children writing a poster as part of the PCAAN programme
Instead of telling children how to solve a problem we ought to give them opportunities to think through the problem themselves and even show them that were willing to consider their advice. – Adam Grant From the desk of Clare Hanbury… My work at Children for Health is based on
Why we need to work with children and young adolescents On World Tobacco Day, let’s think again on how to work with older children and young adolescents (10-14 years). This is an age and stage where there is a very real possibility they can take up the smoking habit. But
Dear Friends of Children for Health, I’m very pleased to be connecting with you all this Spring. Uppermost in our thoughts are those friends and colleagues affected by the floods in Mozambique – especially in Tete and relatives of those in Tete who live in Beira. We put together a
At the end of last year an alliance of partners working towards universal immunisation coverage (the Gavi Alliance) came together to assess progress and prioritise action. Save the Children’s briefing, Measuring progress on the pathway to universal immunisation coverage, explores the ‘progress and required action’ in a number of areas,
Children are great ‘change agents both at home and in the community’ say the Red Cross & Red Crescent who believe that if we target the children, they will, in turn, bring change in the family and thereby the entire community. Here is a short and very nice video featuring