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Many people and many children are taught about the importance of hand washing and handwashing with soap (for long enough – 20 seconds). In many schools in numerous developing countries you will hear many renditions of the song, This is the way we wash our hands! Wash our hands! Wash
Here is a great case study by colleagues in Plan international in Sri Lanka about members of a children’s group in Galkadewala, Anuradhapura and how they took action. It is a graphic illustration of the power of children to contribute to the improvement of their own and others’ health. “One
The Director of Children for Health, Clare Hanbury, prepared two sets of materials on children’s participation in child protection for The Child-to-Child Trust and The Keeping Children Safe Coalition, namely: A toolkit for adults working with children to involve them in their own protection; and A module to support trainers
The Story of Cholera is a four-minute animation covering cholera transmission, prevention, signs, and care in a simple and accessible way. The film focuses on a little boy who is involved with helping others and spreading health messages. The Story of Cholera follows evidence-based guidelines and was produced in collaboration
Children for Health has developed its top 10 Diarrhoea Messages for children to learn and share. Do you work with children? Do you work with any programmes who do? Please share these messages with them. We would love to hear feedback from practitioners and others who might use or adapt
The simple messages in this video on can easily be learned, collected and shared by older primary school aged children. How to Look After Your Bed Net Air your new net IN THE SHADE for 24 hours – the net is treated with insecticide and it can irritate skin without
I am delighted to publish this guest post: Children and Young People – Making a Difference in Libya by Tom Shelton, Communications Officer, Handicap International UK. In the post he shows how children in Libya are contributing to keeping themselves and other members of their families and communities safe. On
Martha Payne’s blog on school dinners, nutrition and linking up with children in Malawi.  
Here is a publication that may be of interest to this community: Children as agents of change for Disaster Risk Reduction: Lessons from El Salvador and the Philippines Overview Disaster management has been dominated by top-down relief efforts targeted at adults, who are assumed to be attuned to the needs

April 1, 2013

Children for Health’s 10 Malaria Messages

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Children for Health has developed its top 10 Malaria Messages for children to learn, collect and share. Older children tucking in younger ones to keep them safe Malaria is a disease spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. Malaria is dangerous. It causes fever & can kill, especially children