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Here is a post links to our series of 5 other posts on ways that older children can use music to play with and care for younger siblings or friends… Sing these songs with your whole family for a happy, healthy baby! Hushaby!   I Know Where I’m Going!
Children for Health is a very small, lean organisation and we like to think we are punching well above our weight through our various partnerships. We want to be efficient and deliver great value on the ground. We need to be accountable to the people we serve and to our
It’s a pleasure to bring to you our 100 messages for children to learn and share in our 10 priority topics. They have taken two years to create. They are designed for children aged 10-14. We know there are difficult words like ‘contaminated’ and ‘directed’ but we also know that
Since 2006, Lourenco has worked as an English Primary teacher at Tsangano Sede Primary School, Tete district. He also works part time at the local community radio station where he presents and produces local radio programs including programmes with and for local children. Also part time, Lourenco is studying computer
Bibiche Sangwa is a language teacher, trainer and development consultant. She has taught English & French for more than 15 years in DRCongo and Mozambique. From 2011 to 2015 she worked as an adviser to the Danish Embassy in Mozambique working specifically on the Multi-Sectoral Plan for Reducing Chronic Malnutrition.
Our Children’s Participation Toolbox includes publications on health and life skills related resources by our Director, Clare Hanbury. We also include other good resources and others’ lists of resources useful to people working on children’s participation. We do have a very close look at everything that is in our Participation
Here is the 5th post in the series of 5 posts on ways that older children can use music to play with and care for younger siblings or friends. Music and Mealtimes Sometimes your baby sibling can be crying just before food. He’s hungry! When you are ready to feed
Singing to Soothe Baby Use gentle rocking movements and with just two notes (think of an ambulance “neeee noooooorrrrr” sound). Sing “baby, baby, I love you” or “sleepy baby, moon’s up high”. Even if the words mean nothing to your baby, your soft tune will calm little one. Singing to

July 1, 2015

Memorising Messages

It’s our experience that children are very good at memorizing (much better than many adults!). Imagine how much some children are required to memorise for religious purposes! At Children for Health it is our dream that, before they leave primary school, every child has learnt and shared 100 important health
When you and your friends are with the babies and young children think of the songs you love to sing. With your friends make them even lovelier. Mix up the notes! Make the sounds a little higher and softer. Wiggle the notes! Hold your baby and swing her gently to