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Children for Health has created a learning system for teachers and youth workers to use IF IT HELPS! Our Director, Clare Hanbury, was one of the key architects of the Child-to-Child ‘SIX STEP APPROACH’ (alongside many wonderful field partners!) and the six steps were an important feature of many of
Here is the 1st post in the series of 5 posts on ways that older children can use music to play with and care for younger siblings or friends… Look at the baby! Listen to baby! See how baby moves and listen to the sounds she makes! Is she a
Click here to view or download the How to integrate Children’s Participation in Health and Nutrition Programming guide. It has been developed for Save the Children’s Health and Nutrition staff and partners so they can better support the meaningful participation of children and young people in health and nutrition programmes.
This post focuses on the first HIFA SMART Goal: Mobile Healthcare Information For All … and is taken from the Health Information For All campaign website. Children for Health is an active member in the HIFA working group. The role of this group is to convene, to promote discussion and
Here at Children for Health, we are always on the lookout for innovative ways of spreading key health messages. This mobile technology programme from inSCALE in Mozambique is using mobile phones to give instant support to health supervisors. In the Nutrition Programme we are advising in Mozambique we have 12 pilot schools,
Look at this story about Mr Polio in the Killers’ Committee. Mr Polio, Mr TB, Mr Measles and the rest of the Disease Committee are FURIOUS because the children in the village are FIGHTING BACK by getting their younger brothers and sisters IMMUNISED. Read the story here. It was written by
As part of our Ebola response we were asked to help prepare a brief that summarises key considerations for involving children in the Ebola response in Sierra Leone and Liberia. The details have been collated from suggestions and insights shared by: Children for Health Other experts in children’s participation Jenny
Remember that we have ten great immunisation messages for children to learn and share. Here are the first three: Millions of parents all over the world every year make sure their children grow strong and are protected from diseases by taking them for immunisation. When you are ill with an

January 23, 2015

End of 2014 Update

By Clare Hanbury, Founder, Director Children for Health Our second full year as a charity has seen some incredible strides forward for Children for Health. Even being a small and young organisation, we are already beginning to make an impact on the programmes of multinational aid organisations, improving the effectiveness

October 26, 2014

Living on a Dollar a Day

Living on a Dollar a Day is a book that gives the largely invisible poor a face and a voice. In a world that grows more and more connected and interdependent, the issues that affect one person eventually affect us all. This important book is a powerful call to action