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I am delighted to publish this guest post: Children and Young People – Making a Difference in Libya by Tom Shelton, Communications Officer, Handicap International UK. In the post he shows how children in Libya are contributing to keeping themselves and other members of their families and communities safe. On
Here is a publication that may be of interest to this community: Children as agents of change for Disaster Risk Reduction: Lessons from El Salvador and the Philippines Overview Disaster management has been dominated by top-down relief efforts targeted at adults, who are assumed to be attuned to the needs
Children for Health has developed its top 10 Malaria Messages for children to learn, collect and share. Older children tucking in younger ones to keep them safe Malaria is a disease spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. Malaria is dangerous. It causes fever & can kill, especially children
The new organisation Children for Health was launched in great style at the National Theatre in London on Thursday, 7th March 2013. Children for Health is a UK-based charitable organisation dedicated to the promotion of basic health education in developing countries, and focused on the role of children as the
News coming from the Congo, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and many other troubled places in the world steels our determination to advocate the part children and young people have to play in preventing and resolving health and social justice issues that affect them. 30 years ago and as a contribution to The
Children for Health badges, ribbons and hats! Children love to collect things and the 100 seeks to have (or suggest designs for) 100 collectible sets of ribbons, badges and hats with our logo and in different colours  and patterns for each of the 10 health topics. These would be awarded
Children for Health is working with The Children’s Radio Foundation to explore how young radio journalists can test health education content and messages from The Collection and turn this into fun, locally relevant radio broadcasts and podcasts that excite and engage young listeners. Have a listen to some of their
Thanks to the generosity of Robin Hanbury-Tenison, we are able to use the exhibition space at the National Theatre in London to hold our reception. Robin is currently exhibiting photographs and artefacts from his life of adventure. Details of the launch party are as follows: Thursday, 7th March 2013 National