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Pikin to Pikin in Sierra Leone | Great Testimonial from the CEO!

Recently I have had a couple of meetings with the CEO of Pikin to Pikin (Child to Child) in Sierra Leone whose values and activities are closely along to our own.

After they reviewed some of our resources such as our Action for Diarrhoea Prevention poster and our storybook ‘Unlocked’ (a story about children working together as a team to deal with the stress and worry during these difficult times). He sent such a lovely response and I wanted to share it with you…

The key messages are very helpful and we can adapt this and spread the messages in our various schools and communities.

We can put the messages on posters and flip charts for distribution to our target schools and communities.

We can also develop the messages into radio jingles for airing in our community radio stations.

The messages will be helpful in the fight against COVID.