Reviewing Our Health Messages and Developing Our Posters in 2018

We have been amazed… actually startled and excited by the number of people that have downloaded our Malaria Poster since it was published on 14th May. Today we have had 936 downloads by people all over the world: the Sudan, South Africa and Norway are the top three countries where downloads have taken place. We are NOT collecting their e-mail addresses for follow-up which we would dearly love to do, as we tried this for 6 months and it was a real barrier. Our download number took off as soon as we removed this requirement.

Click to download the Malaria poster now!

Since the Malaria Poster started to fly from our website, we have been inspired to do ONE MORE topic using our core funding- NUTRITION.

All future topic posters will have to be funded first (any ideas?).

The process has been wonderful too. We have used our our network, plus groups we belong to on Facebook, plus the many experts in the HIFA forum to call upon people to help and, ideally people who are working in practical ways with children and schools.

We develop a draft using our template and then send this out to 15-25 people and spent around 4 weeks going to and fro to refine the messages and the images. We do not aim for complete agreement as we don’t think that is possible, but we find the feedback we get is grounded in the practical and a desire to USE the poster once we have developed it.

In addition to this poster, and in response to the Ebola crisis in the DRC, we revised and updated our Safe, Strong and Smiling Poster linked to life skills and Ebola and it is available in French, English and Lingala. Lingala is one of the languages spoken throughout the northwestern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Please visit the FREE RESOURCES area on our website for more or download the English edition now.