Safe, Strong and Smiling Poster 2018

With the dreadful news that there was an outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) we decided to act.

To conclude our work in Sierra Leone in 2016, we developed a poster, Safe, Strong and Smiling, with the help of practitioners living in Freetown who were working with children in the aftermath of the epidemic there. The poster includes 20 key messages for children to learn and share: 10 on Ebola and 10 on Lifeskills.

Read more on our Safe, Strong and Smiling Project in Sierra Leone.

Bibiche Mwalutshie Sangwa is a close friend and colleague in Mozambique (and winner of our 2015 Outstanding Partner Award). She is also Congolese. Without hesitation, Bibiche agreed to translate the revised edition of the Safe, Strong and Smiling Poster for the DRC.

(Lingala is one of the languages spoken throughout the northwestern part of the DRC.)

We hope it will be useful.

The poster aims to support teachers (and others) to develop work with children in post-Ebola circumstances.

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