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The AWARD WINNING Children for Health!

We are so delighted and proud to be the winners of the Global Impact Award from the Centre for Global Equality in Cambridge.

This award really means a lot to us. It’s been a year of very hard struggle – especially financially. It’s so difficult for small organisations like us to ‘compete’ with the big agencies, they have professional fund-raising departments. We have been told very many times this year that we are too small or that although they are very interested in our mission – funds are going to bigger agencies.

Everyone-counts_01But we’ve done it! We’ve finished the year proving to everyone that what we are doing is worthwhile and we are having an impact on the lives of many thousands of children.

One of our donors contacted us recently with the amazing news that our reach forms 25% of the total numbers that they are helping. They are funding quite a few programmes and were rather amazed, as our reach is quite disproportionate to our size!

Do take a look at the details of the award by clicking here!

If you would like to make us your special charity of choice this year or in the coming year, please do so. We need your help to survive. We have a lot of exciting plans but we cannot do it without you and we know you wont be disappointed. Here is a link to our fundraising page… or get in touch for a conversation.

We have written up detailed case studies on two projects: our mobile project in Sierra Leone and the Government Nutrition Programme we advise in Mozambique. These case studies provide ideas, inspiration and learning not just for us but to our many allies and friends who also see the potential of children as a resource for good in their families – when they are supported well.

Our approach to run training in Mozambique and Nigeria this year has seen a switch from using the paper and pen to using pictures, song, movement and choral speaking. When Clare is leading the training she is moving back to her roots as a drama teacher!