The Children Can Do Event

On Wednesday 16th October, Children for Health was invited to participate in the Children Can Do event at Mansion House in the heart of the City of London. The event was to launch a wonderful desk diary themed on the idea that ‘Children Can do’ and every sparkling page shows images of children around the world making a difference in their communities. The image for this week next year (2014) is of a group of Bolivian Children proudly demonstrating the water they have made safe by filtering it and placing it in plastic bottles in the sunlight where the sun’s ultra violet rays kill harmful bacteria. Another image shows a girl from Haiti having just completed training in how to use a Shakir strip to identify child malnutrition by measuring the circumference of the forearm of babies and small children. The desk diary was co-edited by Hugh Hawes and photographer Amelia B. Kyazze. Hugh is a long-standing friend and mentor to Clare Hanbury, the Director of Children for Health.

In their words: …[The diary] aims to celebrate children and broaden the awareness of what the world’s children can do.

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