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The Children for Health Director is off to Mozambique

Two years ago, our director, Clare Hanbury spent two weeks in Tete Province in Mozambique meeting teams of government officials who are interested in getting school children to help address the problems of under nutrition in the under 5s.

As many of us know it is often older children who spend a lot of time caring for their younger brothers and sisters and even younger children from other families. When this role is recognised and supported so that the older children are equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills, this can have a great impact on the health and well being of the younger children being cared for. Imagine if all children in Mozambique knew all 10 of the Children for Health Nutrition messages and were sharing the messages whenever they could!

On Friday, Clare is going back to Tete as these ideas have been accepted in the government plan and she is spending 10 days with officials and teachers and children and making detailed action plans to make sure that the right people are involved, trained and supported to get this programme going. We are also talking to mobile phone operators and to radio stations to look at other ways that children can be involved in making and responding to nutrition messages, games and quizzes for their peers and for younger children.