The Sinovuyo Teen Parenting Programme

The Sinovuyo Teen Parenting Programme has come to our attention. The programme is part of the ‘Parenting for Lifelong Health’ initiative, whose objective is to develop and test evidence-informed parenting programmes that are non-commercial and relevant to lower- and middle-income countries.

Sinovuyo Teen is a 14-week parenting programme for at-risk families with 10–18 year old adolescents.

People living in communities local to families from a variety of backgrounds were trained to deliver the programme by Clowns without Borders, South Africa. The content was additionally provided via home visits for those families who missed group workshop sessions. Sinovuyo Teen was incubated and simultaneously tested in the Eastern Cape, South Africa over a four-year period. The programme concluded that

This parenting programme shows promise for reducing violence, improving parenting and family functioning in low-resource settings.

Here are the two guides which can be downloaded form the UNICEF website: