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We Are Raising £80,000 | You Can Help!

Here is a rare call for funding on this blog…

It’s a general call and linked to a campaign we are running right now. Our community may not realise how much we lost during the pandemic: partnerships, projects, contracts and events…

…and yet we have never stopped working – to adjust the way we supported others and how we engaged and grew our network.

So this is for those either new to our work or who want to know in more general terms what we are seeking to raise through this year. PLEASE  point us to potential supporters who might be interested in our vision. Or if you don’t already, consider supporting us yourself.

Without the support of close associates and friends and regular contributors, there would be no Children for Health in 2021.

Children for Health is a UK registered charity (No. 1153028) dedicated to the promotion of health education in developing countries, and focused on developing children as ambassadors and communicators of essential health messages in their communities.

Over one billion children, more than half the children in the developing world, suffer from severe deprivation of basic human needs, of which over one-third suffer from absolute poverty.

Founded in 2013, Children for Health particularly focus on children who are socially and economically disadvantaged or whose lives have been impacted by poverty, illness or civil conflict, by the provision of high-quality health education information and materials for the children’s educators and their families.

We seek to mobilize children and young adolescents to become health activists in their communities. Our radical re-imagining of health and life skills education provides a low-risk, high-return approach that improves health in places where preventable diseases still cause too many premature deaths.

Children for Health work in partnership with scalable, measurable government programmes and with major international organisations such as Save the Children. Our partners share our commitment and passion to involve and support children as ambassadors and communicators of essential health messages. Alongside our partners, Children for Health researches, develops, promotes and distributes health education materials to children and educators in the developing world.

We have created 100 simple live-saving health messages for children to learn and share in 10 topics such as Malaria, Immunisation and HIV & Aids. Children in developing counties are a fantastic resource. Like children everywhere they are competent and enthusiastic, they can learn, collect and share basic health information and ideas to keep healthy themself and to help others.

Alongside each topic, we create free health education materials for those “Children’s Champions” working to mobilise children as activists and messengers of good health. These might be teachers, youth workers, faith leaders and others.

Examples of our work include the Stop Diarrhoea Programme with Save the Children in Nigeria and India which we began in 2017 and to date has reached 122,640 children, who in turn reach thousands more in the communities.

We also run the Children’s Participation in Action & Learning for Nutrition in Mozambique. In Mozambique the dreadful facts are that 44% of all children under the age of 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition which limits the potential of these children and makes them more prone to disease.

Children for Health have mobilised school going children and young adolescents to learn about and address this problem and influence family nutrition practices. It is estimated that this programme with reach 32,000 children directly who will then have an impact on a further 128,000 children.

10 year old boys role play mothers discussing the importance of breastfeeding.

This year we are looking to raise £50,000 to continue our existing programme of work, we are also looking for a grant of around £30,000 to fund the creation of Children for Health’s Online Training School, which could scale our work in new countries.