What is a Good School?

We love this video from Uganda by the organisation, Raising Voices. Such lovely positive children!

Great messages in the video and fully aligned to the Children for Health approach. We have developed a storybook about our approach and philosophy! It’s called, The Four Friends and you can download it for free now!

Here are some extracts from this wonderful video….

A good school is one that pays attention to the children’s needs. When you put up a structure people say ‘it’s a good school’, because it has classroom blocks. If you put in instructional materials in terms of materials, text books… that, to many is, a ‘good school’…

Yes, those are very good inputs within a school but for me there is a layer we need to add-on and that is 

The experience of children when they get to that school 

This is what the children say…

I want to be friends with my teachers

I want to go to a school where I don’t fear teachers

We used even to hide as we used to fear canes. Canes were our enemies

I want a good teacher which is friendly to me and not a teacher which is caning me and sing abusive words when talking to me

When I am happy at school I learn better

I am happy! 

Students can become protagonists of their own perspectives, causes. They need knowledge and skills that can be used in ever-changing situations. They need versatility and the confidence to trust their instincts. They need the discipline to reach their full potential. This is why we need good schools. If we choose to create schools that develop these capabilities then we will produce individuals who be the engine of our culture and economy. Who stretch their possibilities and bring the energy and verve of their priorities to global attention. 

Download the Raising Voices Good School Toolkit here.