Working with Children for Health

Several times each month we are contacted by individuals and organisations interested in children’s participation in health programming and who wish to work with us. Many of these hope that we have the funding to work with their school, their clinic or their programme. But we do not!

In this post we hope to clarify how we  can work with you to action and spread the idea of children as participants in health and development programmes.

Firstly, if you want to be a partner, you must have the following characteristics!

  • You believe that every citizen should have access to simple, interesting and useful health information so that they can make the best choices for themselves and their families.
  • You believe that CHILDREN are important citizens too and that they influence their younger siblings, their friends and even their family!!
  • You believe that with lots of support and using fun methods, children can play an important part in not only learning things that can be useful LATER when they are older but learning that can be useful NOW – like how to use bed nets to prevent malaria, how and when to wash their hands with soap, that immunisation is important (and SO much more!).
  • You know that people ARE using their phones more and more to access information they need. This can be an optional part of your programme.

If this you, read on to learn how to work with us!

There are several ways to do this:How To Be Good At Football

  1. Go to our shop and browse the content and activities. Then use the materials, the content and activities and let us know how you get on. You are free to use and adapt any of our content and any of our activities – our messages, posters, storybooks etc.
  2. You have (or you will have) raised the funding independently for your programme and then you employ us to help you design, implement (training & developing materials) or evaluate your programme. In this case we are your technical partner – your consultant. The scale of this does not matter too much to us. We have been involved in designing programmes or designing evaluations that have taken as little as three days. On the other end of the scale we have been employed to undertake specific tasks on specific programmes over several years. Two examples of this is the work we have done to mobilise children:
  3. You approach us with an idea for a ‘joint venture’. This is where we design a programme together and work out our distinct roles and responsibilities and then apply for the funding together. We usually have one or two of these joint ventures in the pipeline at any one time. We select joint ventures that have a strong monitoring and evaluation component so that our work with you adds to the evidence base for this work. You need to drive this process but with our help.
  4. You apply to set up a mentoring contract with our CEO, Clare Hanbury. This is often an individual within an organisation who is using or interested in using the Children for Health content and activities. Mentoring is paid for on an hourly basis. A complimentary 15-minute exploratory call to discover if this is something that would suit you, can be arranged.

We are keen to hear from practitioners who are using our content and our activities and who wish to talk to us or make contact with us through our social media platforms to share experience, give us feedback or to get advice.

We do not fund others to undertake programmes. We are not a donor.

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