World TB Day March 24th

This Tuesday, 24 March is World TB Day.

It marks the date when the bacteria that causes tuberculosis was discovered by a German doctor back in 1882. This year there has been a long overdue focus on the impact of TB on children. It has been a neglected issue, and one that’s bigger than people think. Tuberculosis also affects children indirectly as globally it kills around 1.7 million people each year. Leaving millions of children orphaned and in increasing poverty because sick adults can’t provide for their families. It’s also a major cause of infertility in women and can increase the likelihood of complications in pregnancy and low-weight births.

One way that children can help is by being aware of the spread of germs by coughing. They can make sure that they ‘cover their cough’ and help others do the same – especially young children they are with.

After a cough or a sneeze, children can make sure that they wash their hands properly – with soap and that they dispose of any cloths or papers used to ‘catch their cough’ safely.

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