ZuZu & ZaZa and The Rainbow Stick always part of Our Approach! | Mozambique Adventure 2020 #5

In March 2020 Children for Health’s founder and CEO, Clare Hanbury travelled to Mozambique for 11 days to continue her work with the PCAAN nutrition programme. She shared her journey progress with followers on LinkedIn, read on to see what she got up to!

There was hardly a minute at the children’s workshop in Changara, Mozambique that we felt we did not have the children’s attention. This was quite a feat when you think they were working with us for many more hours than they normally spend at school and the focus was on health!

We created a programme that balanced the fun, the active, the quiet thinking (also active!), group work, discussions all together in the whole group, creative work, writing and colouring…

…and of course wherever I go, the puppets ZuZu and ZaZa go too and the Rainbow Stick! We leave a pair of puppets at every school that works with us! They become a mascot for The Health Messengers, and The Rainbow Stick is a tool we use to get children collecting and sharing health messages. This photo sums up the mood of us all across the four days! JOYOUS!