Prevent Anaemia with the help of children and adolescents! This is a FIRST DRAFT of our Messages for Children and Young Adolescents to Learn and Share on Preventing Anaemia. We have created the list to try to do something practical in response to finding out the dreadful news that 50% of India’s adolescents are anaemic. Please help Children for Health revise and finalise a set of messages on how to Understand and Prevent Anaemia to be used by our community. We know these are not quite right yet. We need your help. Send us your suggestions!

Messages on Anaemia for Children to Learn and Share – DRAFT

  1. Anaemia is caused by a shortage of iron (haemoglobin) in the blood. It causes weakness, fatigue, a pale face & ears & brittle nails.
  2. Malaria, intestinal worm infections, HIV/AIDS and TB and other infections can lead to a loss of iron in the blood and then anaemia.
  3. People with anaemia lack healthy blood cells to carry oxygen around the body. This leads to weakness in the body (physical) and mind (cognitive), and even death.
  4. Anaemia is especially serious for babies, young children, pregnant women and adolescents.
  5. A finger stick test at a health clinic can quickly test for anaemia.
  6. Prevent anaemia by getting iron from food each day. Iron supplements can be used in emergency but can cause stomach-aches and constipation.
  7. Breastfeeding prevents anaemia & gives babies iron stores for many months even after the introduction of solid foods.
  8. Cow’s milk is low in iron and too much can even cause loss of iron. This is especially serious for babies & young children.
  9. Eat iron rich food like red meat, poultry, fish, cereals, dark green leafy veg, eggs, nuts & seeds, dried fruit, peas, lentils plus foods with vitamin C (helps us absorb iron).
  10. Potato skins are rich in nutrients and contain five times the amount of iron as the flesh. Leave skins on fries, jackets, baked, roasted and boiled potatoes.
  11. Mix iron rich grains like amaranth, quinoa & barley grains with wheat flour when you cook.
  12. Limit caffeine, aerated drinks, alcohol and sugary drinks which reduce absorption of iron in the body.

As with all Children for Health messages, these messages on preventing anaemia are designed to help children become agents of change. Prevent anaemia, children as agents of change.

Prevent anaemia, children as agents of change