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John Pettigrew | Outstanding Partner 2018

The 2018 Children for Health Outstanding Partner Award has been given to John Pettigrew. John is based in Cambridge, UK, where he founded and runs We Are Futureproofs Ltd, which helps book publishers build work-flows that provide speed, simplicity and savings. 
John has been working in publishing for 20 years and saw in Children for Health the power of clearly communicating simple health messages. He introduced us to the global digital books distribution platform WorldReader ( and, within 12 months, the Children for Health story books are making their way to children all over the world. They can now read our stories about nutrition, hygiene and health on mobile phones via WordReader’s platform. In July of this year, we heard that, in Uganda alone, 2,050 copies of six of our books had been read on 300 different devices!
Since our first meeting, John has given his time to Children for Health on many occasions, meeting Clare several times (and whenever she asks!) to help us optimise our fundraising strategy or materials distribution strategy.
In recent months John has undertaken the arduous task of converting a 26-page document translated into 19 different languages into HTML files to be uploaded onto our website. He is also becoming our go-to guy when we need to develop a technical brief to outsource a task beyond the skills of our core team.
Children for Health has established this award to honour the memory of our two great mentors, Professor Hugh Hawes and Professor David Morley who valued collaboration and partnership so highly.
Our award goes to an individual or individual(s) whose work with us throughout the year has:
  • Contributed to making Children for Health a stronger, better and an (even) happier organisation!
  • Gone out of their way to critique and deepen our growth in a positive and helpful way; and
  • Been pro-active in expanding our network in ways that have measurable impact.

Past winners include: