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Lourenco Govate | Outstanding Partner 2015

Since 2006, Lourenco has worked as an English Primary teacher at Tsangano Sede Primary School, Tete district. He also works part time at the local community radio station where he presents and produces local radio programs including programmes with and for local children. Also part time, Lourenco is studying computer based information technology and he enjoys teaching computer skills in his community when asked.

Since January 2014, Lourenco has been actively involved in advocating for the PCAAN government nutrition education programme in Tsangano. Children for Health is a technical partner supporting this programme. In 2015 he became a formal part of the district monitoring team, providing targets on the implementation of PCAAN in schools. As part of his work to promote and strengthen PCAAN Lourenco is also learning film-making and video editing and is working with the Social Communication Institute of Tete Province.

Lourenco was awarded one of our two inaugural Outstanding Partnership prizes from Children for Health in 2015. He is a father of two.

Children for Health has established this award to honour the memory of our two great mentors, Professor Hugh Hawes and Professor David Morley who valued collaboration nd partnership so highly.
Our award goes to an individual or individual(s) whose work with us throughout the year has:
  • Contributed to making Children for Health a stronger, better and an (even) happier organisation!
  • Gone out of their way to critique and deepen our growth in a positive and helpful way; and
  • Been pro-active in expanding our network in ways that have measurable impact.