Plans For the Future

Children for Health is a very lean organisation, we are run out of a single room in a house in Cambridge, UK. We pay £0.00 for rent, all office costs are kept to a minimum and we do our admin efficiently too (book-keeping, filing accounts, working with our Trustees and setting up good systems). Most staff time is spent on programmatic work.

We also have to invest in developing and sustaining relationships with donors and partners – and there are costs involved in this too. For more about how we work and with who, read Our Cambridge Story. We are proud to estimate that no more than 10% of a donation is spent on maintaining our efficient systems.

90% of your donation is spent on the work that has a direct impact on the lives of children in developing countries.

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We would love the chance to be introduced to any businesses, charities, government organisations and any other group with an interest in spreading health messages to children and adolescents. Contact us here now or e-mail Keep reading to find out which projects we’re working on and how you can support us!

Development of the Children for Health Online Training School

The CfH School will build capacity and scalability of the Children for Health approach for interested partner organisations globally, by taking the best practices and learning from our past and current face-to-face training courses and materials, and producing a professional suite of easily-accessible and downloadable courses and online materials. We will co-create the digital course with practitioners wanting to develop their skills in promoting adolescent health and empowerment – to be accessed via mobile phones.

The course will focus on our unique approach and use lessons learned from our work in Nigeria, India and Mozambique. We are already working with local film and video professionals to develop the materials. The course will be developed in English with scope for translating into other languages, as needed.

One of our training tools, The Rainbow Flower.

Completion of the Children for Health Stories for Health Collection

Co-creating our storybooks is a participatory process that involves an artist, an author, a local partner and the Children for Health team. Each book is published in English and also the language of the local partner. We have already developed books on 2 of our 10 health topics. We seek to complete a further 8 books on our remaining health topics during the plan period. The books are distributed from our website and through Worldreader, a digital library that reaches thousands of people each week.

Development of the Children for Health Posters for Health Collection

In 2015 and 2016, we developed 4 posters including the CfH Vision, the CfH 100 Messages, and 2 programme-specific posters. These were designed for use by teachers, trainers and project managers in several countries in Africa and India. We plan to produce posters for a further 10 health topics alongside expert groups who are able to test and then distribute each poster. The posters will be free to download from our website.

Our Malaria Poster, click to download it now!

Memory Palaces & The 100 Messages

To set up a programme in Kenya to test the Memory Palace approach for learning the 100 health messages with literate and non-literate children aged 10–14, in a joint venture with the pioneering Cambridge-based language and memory enterprise Linguisticator.

Adolescent Well-Being and Resilience

To co-create visual resources, storybooks and games with children and educators. Our emphasis will be on messages, activities and tools to boost adolescent well being and resilience.

To design and conduct research at graduate or post-graduate level linked to an academic institution and one of our partnership programmes.

We feel it is essential that we participate in building the evidence of an approach which has such great potential to radically re-imagine health education for young adolescents in the global south.

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