A Stone is a Strange Thing

This story book is a touching story of grief and loss as a time of emergency and what children themsleves can do to help and support each other. The focus is Ebola and the post Ebola phase.


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A Stone is a Strange Thing is a colourful well illustrated story book  that tells the story of a girl whose mother falls ill with the Ebola virus. She is suddenly in charge of her younger sister and has to cope with stigma, discrimination and eventually grief at the loss of her mother. The story tells how other children in the community can help  to support children directly or indirectly effected by disease and loss. This book was written by one of the Children for Health Trustees, Anise Waljee. It was field tested and then used by colleagues dealing with the aftermath of Ebola in Sierra Leone. It raises issues that face many children and can be used as a starting point for important discussions with groups of children at any age.

Unlike our other books we have not  yet added activities for children and educators at the back of the book.