We’re back in Mozambique! Mozambique Adventure 2020 #1

In March 2020 Children for Health’s founder and CEO, Clare Hanbury travelled to Mozambique for 11 days to continue her work with the PCAAN nutrition programme. She shared her journey progress with followers on LinkedIn, read on to see what she got up to!

I’m really excited to be on my way back to Mozambique tomorrow. There for 11 days.

The purpose is to progress the work I helped with between 2011 and 2016 with the Provincial Government of Tete on nutrition education. I’ll be working again alongside an outstanding colleague, Bibiche Sangwa (see below from 2016) and directly with young adolescents in a school setting in the district of Changara. We are exploring nutrition, physical activity and happiness!

Identifying the opportunities and challenges the children face to make improvements to their health and influence others. The focus is a little broader than previously and it will be so nice to interact mostly with children. Our aim is to demonstrate an approach to involving children in the design of school-based health action planning and in a way that’s easy for teachers to do and tied to the context and manageable for children to both implement and monitor. Please follow me here! I’m aiming to post daily!

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