Developing Children’s Agency and Confidence | Mozambique Adventure 2020 #2

In March 2020 Children for Health’s founder and CEO, Clare Hanbury travelled to Mozambique for 11 days to continue her work with the PCAAN nutrition programme. She shared her journey progress with followers on LinkedIn, read on to see what she got up to!

I am laughing at myself for putting on here a big bold promise two weeks ago – to write every day during my visit to Tete in Mozambique. It’s easy, even when you KNOW the context, to forget the logistical difficulties! My Wi-fi connection was poor for most of the trip and even when I was able to ‘borrow’ a personal hot spot I didn’t want to use the airtime to be uploading photos etc.

Anyway, folks I’M BACK!

Back at my desk and ‘post trip processing’. It was one of the BEST trips of my career and this because I was working directly with the same group of 29 children for four days. I haven’t done this since my teaching days.

The work reminded me and demonstrated clearly to others, the extraordinary insights and competence of children aged 10-14. Plus the weight of their responsibilities living in poor communities – the amount of caring they do for others is quite extraordinary. And then there is the energy and enthusiasm they brought to creating health action plans which they are now implementing in their school, families and communities.

I love this photo. Behind me are symbols representing three of the four ways the children defined and then chose to be greeted both ends of every day (Handshake, Hug, Kiss Nod/Bow).