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Rainbow Garden
Cada um Conta
O Jardim Arco-Íris
How to Be Good At Football
Como ser um Bom Jogador de Futebol
The Puzzle
O Quebra-Cabeças
The Special Glasses
The Special Glasses (Sesotho)
A Stone is a Strange Thing
Everyone Counts


Nutrition Poster
Safe, Strong & Smiling Poster – Lingala Edition
Safe, Strong & Smiling Poster – French Edition
Safe, Strong & Smiling Poster – English Edition
Malaria Poster
100 Messages for Children to Learn and Share
Children’s Action for Nutrition (Portuguese)
Children’s Action for Nutrition
The Children for Health Vision Poster

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Resource Books & Guides

Children’s Action for Nutrition Teaching Guide
The 100 Messages Booklet

Hanging Library Books

Zzippi drinks blood
Wally the Worm
Simple Pattern of a cloth hangar for 16 books
Filthy the Fly
How Newport School Got Greener
How the Hyena got his sight back
Jumpy the Germ
Sam and Dina
King of the fishes
Sika and the pot
Jabu and the lion
Kasule the crested crane
Bad medicine
The Hare and the Hyena’s Teeth