Shooting StarsShooting Stars is a story about girls supporting each other to participate in sports. The book was co-created with Worldreader partners in Ghana and Kenya. The book features characters from other Children for Health storybooks. A group of girls overcome their feelings of shame for wanting to play volleyball.

Unlocked!Unlocked! is a story about a group of friends whose lives are affected by a global pandemic. When they are asked to go into ‘lockdown’ their greatest problem is the boredom, sadness and worry they feel for themselves, their families and their friends. Through a magical adventure, the children learn

The Four Friends Build a SchoolEsme wants to grow up to be a doctor, but how can she when there is no secondary school nearby? When she and her friends hear that a new secondary school is going to be built nearby, the children are excited. What will the new

Rainbow GardenThe Rainbow Garden is a colourful well illustrated book that tells the story of a group of children as they learn the importance of a varied and balanced diet. The teacher at school helps the children to plant a garden full of colourful vegetables they learn that to be

How to Be Good At FootballHow To be Good At Football is a colourful well illustrated storybook that tells the story of a boy called Mika. Mika loves football and wants to win the match at school but he is feeling too weak and sick. He finds out that small

The PuzzleThe Puzzle is a colourful well illustrated storybook about hygiene. It tells the story of two children, Mika and Christina going on a journey to find a series of puzzle cards hidden around their village. They work out the answers to the puzzles find out how to stay healthy

The Special GlassesThe Special Glasses is a quest story about diarrhoea and sickness. The book was co-created with a group of children and their educators from The Paleng Children’s Centre in Lesotho. The book features the same group of child characters as in our other books plus ZuZu and ZaZa

A Stone is a Strange ThingA Stone is a Strange Thing is a colourful well illustrated storybook  that tells the story of a girl whose mother falls ill with the Ebola virus. She is suddenly in charge of her younger sister and has to cope with stigma, discrimination and eventually

Everyone CountsEveryone Counts is a colourful well illustrated storybook that tells the story of the need for sharing food fairly. ZaZa and ZuZu the parrots are angry that the men always eat first and do not remember to leave enough food for the children and for Mama. What can the