Safe, Strong & Smiling Poster – English Edition

Safe, Strong & Smiling Poster – English Edition

This poster was developed to support children and their educators in Sierra Leone 2014-16 as the country was experiencing the Ebola epidemic. In April 2018, we revised the poster and translated it into French and Lingala when we heard about the outbreak in the DRC in 2018. It is extremely important to give children and young adolescents the change to discuss their fears and concerns and give them opportunities to do what they can to help resolve issues in their families and communities. Please note, this is a digital resource that can be downloaded. We do not sell hard copies.

The back of the poster gives some background on our work, some health messages for children to learn and share and some further ideas for activities to do with children.

If you are interested in doing life skills work with children and young people, you may be interested din our sister site Lifeskills Handbooks. A handbook including 61 sessions to use with children can be downloaded from this site.

Please note that we have a mobile website on the theme of ‘Safe, Strong and Smiling‘.

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